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Without written permission from the artist artwork may  not be used.

Welcome artists
You're an artist and you do want to show your work to others; you can do so in private, at home, in your atelier, mostly by appointment.
You can also show your work at an exhibition or in a gallery. An exhibition organized by yourself (personal exhibition), or by a group, organization (municipality) or an artists' association, so with others.
A book or a detailed brochure about your work is also a possibility, but it is reserved for the few.

Another possibility is to show your work on a site or on your own website or facebook.
VIRTAGAL is such a site.
It does not create websites, it makes a gallery.

Virtagal is a virtual art gallery and offers extensive possibilities.Everything about your creation and all about the artist. The use of multi-media is among the possibilities.
Extra dimension to exhibitions
Your work is everywhere and it can give your exhibition an extra dimension by a smartphone application and your art catalog in PDF.
A highly integrated RSS ensures that interested parties (collectors) are informed of the top of your latest creations, a kind of newsletter.

Virtagal is both for the artists association, as for the individual, the artist.

Virtagal is designed for showing art in real life, which is often much nicer than the uploaded photo.

The exhibition is the starting point.
Virtagal is not afraid of looking for new possibilities.
The advanced use of QR codes at an exhibition belongs to the possibilities.
Latest news on Virtagal
With 'shoutbook' you can write your comment about each work in the gallery, of course without shouting !
Editorial (click)
Virtagal can also make a video about your exhibition.
Smartphone APP
You can use your smartphone to scan the QR code here in order to download the
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