After you have sent your request, you will automatically receive a confirmation. After approval, you can start sending your work after at least one day. Use <Artwork> - <Manage artwork>
You have to be logged in first.

With <manage artwork> You can add work, change, delete,
write a little blog about that work and ...
with your smartphone, you can even leave a spoken explanation of each work and add the recorded words directly to the artwork.
This is for visitors of your exhibition a welcome addition.
(vocal guide)

For an exhibition, it is recommended that more information about your work and about yourself is added with <artist> - <manage personalia>.
For generating a potential catalog it will be nice if you write a short biography, provide pricing etc and also for purpose of the smartphone application it would be nice if people can reach you.

Anyway, virtagal is there to help you to give all possible attention to your work and the creator of this work, he deserves it!

Good luck!
Artist, NOT logged in

Without written permission from the artist artwork may  not be used.