Conditions of membership

A number of conditions are already stated in the disclaimer.
Here are some additional conditions *:

- Only artists can create and manage a gallery after they have logged in.
- Artists can be both amateurs and professionels.
- Art lovers, collectors, journalists can also join without having a gallery, they also receive any newsletter.
- Don't place artwork in the gallery that is seen in any way as offensive.
- Don't place artwork in the gallery that are in conflict with the law.

- Virtagal has the right, without giving reasons, to block access to the services.
- Virtagal can send you a newsletter. If you don't want to receive this (no longer), then let Virtagal know this.

- * = Virtagal has the right to make changes in the conditions.

Le Jardin
april 2019
Artist, NOT logged in

Without written permission from the artist artwork may  not be used.