Still, it is the convenience factor that serves man, so I have devised a simple solution for artists. The work will be picked up, transported or shipped after the payment is received. So no hard shipping hassles! Making payment by cash or by a issued check . Which artist has an ATM / a debit card device at his home? Nobody, right? However, it should that 'electronic payment' in modern times must be possible. As such stores may also have catalogs, an artist also like to show his work in a catalog (which is possible in Virtagal).
A webshop

Is this an opportunity for virtagal? Everything is possible, but is it also necessary for artists? Basically no! You buy a painting or a sculpture directly from the artist.
It is indeed a luxury. Even more if the artist gets an assignment to create a portrait for example, then there is personal contact.
However, I took a look into this matter and considering what constitutes e-commerce. I myself, as an artist, has paypal a while , but there was a little use of it on my site, although it was very easy to make it possible doing a purchase via the Internet. Just put a PayPal button, with data, open an account with Paypal and that was it. I viewed 'prestashop', an e-commerce application, and I was very impressed. But there are also other suppliers on the e-commerce market. This big software is excellent for the online stores business, which selling ...ty dresses in that color,  ...ty dresses of the other color or shape etc.etc. In art it is not going that way. No shipping list, manufacturers and I don't know what else more. Art is not a mass product.
In the following situation, electronic payment is a possibility: Suppose a visitor sees a beautiful work on an exhibition and wants it, he can report this to the artist (often not available) or organization (reservations).  So the settlement (delivery and payment) happens later. There are also organizations (artists' associations) where you can take the work directly with you. In that case you have to pay cash or writing a check.
But what if you're short on cash for an expensive painting or not having your checkbook with you (after all, you were not planning to buy anything).
You want to decide to take the canvas immediately, so there remains only one possibility because you have your smartphone or your credit cards with you, electronic payment, especially if the organization that has arranged this wisely, having a laptop present at the spot, because you've always your debit cards with you! Visitors (doubters in such exhibition for example) may - arriving home - order and pay a work via the Internet. In this case, it can be send or picked up later.

If you want Virtagal going to settle this for you, let me know.
An order form is already available in Virtagal.
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Artist, NOT logged in

Without written permission from the artist artwork may  not be used.