Virtagal is a virtual art gallery, focusing on the public and by and for artists.
Free for the individual artists, associations are asked for a small contribution.
Donations are always welcome.
The website is international, in three languages, French, English and Dutch.
The preferred language is chosen from within your browser, switching to another language is always possible.
User friendly menu, everywhere approachable.
The content of the artist is database driven (MySQL)
There are galleries for individual artists, they can manage their work themselves (CMS),
therefore intervention of a webmaster is not necessary and as a result, the artwork will remain up-to-date.
The gallery for the individual artist  (including blogs)  could possibly be embedded on the artist's site in his/her own language.
     The style is neutral (white, black, gray), customization on request is possible. For example:
      >Dutch   :  virtagal.fr/galerieNL.php?artiest=mast
      >French :  virtagal.fr/galerieFR.php?artiste=mimi
      >English:  virtagal.fr/gallery.php?artist=louise
Each work in a gallery can be accompanied by a small blog.
You can give comments on every artwork by clicking on the title in the gallery (shoutbook).
The gallery for members of artists' associations, customized to the look and feel of the Association, has,  as navigation, a dynamic menu with each artist on it , they can also manage their own artwork.
All management functions are protected by password and user name.
There is an automatic art-catalog feature, which generates PDF documents, focusing on exhibitions.
Price lists are up to date.
Smartphone application is integrated and focused on exhibitions.
RSS support for the work of the artist.
Extensive search functions on artists and their work, also supported with multiple tags (keywords separated by a space).
The artwork of an artist can be searched by title, subject, technique, size, price and keywords.
Content management system (CMS) for exhibitions. Exhibition pages for three types; personally, associations and others.
This function is not language controlled, simply because the content can be written in any language. Simple php plugin's are possible.
By specifying the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location of an exhibition, a google map is displayed.
Any artwork can be equipped with an audio explanation, for example, recorded with the smartphone.
Adjusted tooltip with all information in the tooltip of each work in the gallery.
Beautiful presentation of the artwork in the gallery, after clicking on an image (including a slide show)
E-commerce prepared.
Special assignments are available after a request, such as a 3D visit to an exhibition space, a video presentation, certificates of authenticity, invoices, use of QR code.
The site was created with WYSIWYG 10, here and there updated in php and  regularly using Jquery / javascript and not with a template-
based web-design application, which has arisen all freedom  according to your own design and wishes to customize.
Special requests can thus earlier be realized / honored.

Without written permission from the artist artwork may  not be used.

Artist, NOT logged in